Upper West Side Parenting Support

Our side-by-side model allows us to get to know each parent and each child, leading the way toward healthy attachments and confidence in parenting.

As a new mom, this was a continuous wellspring of helpful information about feeding, sleeping, potty training, you name it. It was my really honest go-to place for checking in about all my fears about my child’s development and my parenting. There were phenomenal professionals who engaged my daughter in play to explore the world, understand sharing, and prepare her for a new sibling.

Kim, mother who attended for 3 years

The Side-by-Side Model is perfect for exchanging thoughts and ideas, frustrations and insights, in a safe and moderated setting with a professional, while at the same time being able to watch my child play, nearby in a safe and moderated way. I got so much out of this work with our first child, that three years later, I returned with my second child.

Medora, mother who attended over a five-year period