My experience in the Mother-Child Group exceeded my hopes. One cannot overestimate the value of continuity for both mothers and children. I felt like I was “parented” myself as I negotiated the logistics and emotions of motherhood. Throughout my involvement in the groups, I have received validation, emotional support, a parenting resource and practical parenting tips.‬ ‪My now five-year-old daughter still cherishes her experiences in the group. Throughout the three years, she developed a special fondness and closeness to Kim and the child development staff and other children. Rather than just talking about developmentally appropriate ways to understand and communicate with our children, we had the opportunity to watch “experts” play with them. They also provided helpful input about my daughter’s emerging personality and temperament and, thus, could respond to my questions and concerns based on their comprehensive understanding of her.‬ ‪I highly recommend these groups for any mother who is seeking a deeper and richer experience than most parenting groups.”‬

Dana‬‬‬‬‬‬, mother who participated in a group for 3 years‬‬‬