• child-163794Choose a child friendly restaurant with foods that your child likes.
  • Go for your meal when your child is well rested and not too hungry. Eating too close to nap or bedtime will make it hard for your sleepy child to tolerate eating out.
  • Bring quiet activities to do at the table to make waiting for food easier.  Crayons, small cars and trucks and play figures are easy to pack and use during these times.
  • If possible, have everyone’s food served at the same time rather than asking for your child’s food to come first.  If your child is not too hungry and can eat independently it is helpful to have all the food come together so your child is not waiting for you when she is done with her meal.
  • To avoid too much sitting time, take turns walking around the restaurant or outside before the food comes.  Bring your child to sit down as soon as the food arrives for all.

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