First Steps Together – Infant Parent Visits

Package of 10 Infant Parent Developmental Visits, starting September 2016

Watch your baby grow and thrive in the company of one of our child development specialists.

Parents and infants go through many developmental and emotional stages in the first year of life. Often, it is helpful to prepare for or process the changes in your new family with an expert who knows development and the many challenges and rewards that are involved in parenting.

Infant-Parent Check-InsDuring our monthly one-hour check-ins, we spend time with you and your baby, observing and reflecting together on your experience of becoming a parent and answering questions that are specific to your infant’s development. Below is a list of commonly raised topics, but parents are of course free to bring up whatever is on their mind.

Topics for the first few months

  • is my baby thriving
  • bonding
  • feeding,
  • sleep waking transitions
  • crying, fussiness
  • reading your babies cues
  • managing the infant’s level of stimulation
  • fostering motor and social development
  • thinking about schedules
  • adjusting to shifts in family relationships
  • choices about childcare
  • decisions about work

Topics for the next several months

  • choices about sleep
  • changes in napping schedule
  • changes in eating
  • social and cognitive development (engaging and playing with your baby)
  • motor development (sitting, crawling, pulling to stand)
  • attachment and separation reactions
  • relationship with your spouse or partner
  • returning to work, child care

Approaching toddlerhood

  • Independent locomotion
  • Language development
  • Early socializing
  • Importance of play
  • Baby proofing and early limit setting
  • Napping, sleep schedule, bedtime routines
  • Managing mealtimes

We offer a package of 10 parent infant check-ins, to be scheduled over the course of the first year of your child’s life. The first visit takes place in your home. Subsequent meetings are held in our office on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Additional home visits can be requested and will be accommodated if possible.