Our Shared Beliefs

  • We believe that being a parent is one of life’s most challenging and potentially most rewarding experiences.
  • No two families are alike. We respect the unique culture and values of every family.
  • Every parent who comes to us for help wants to do the very best for his/her child. We believe that positive parenting skills can be learned and that relationships between parents and their children can improve at any point in time.
  • Parents’ upbringing in their family of origin affects how they parent and view their child. We help parents understand the importance of learning to differentiate between their own childhood experiences and those of their children. This enables parents to attune to their children and see them as separate individuals, paving the way to healthy attachments.
  • We believe that play lays the foundation for social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and creative development over the entire life span.
  • We believe that understanding your child as deeply and fully as possible leads to successful and satisfying interactions between you and your child.   Parents need information about their child’s developmental stage and benefit from guidance in understanding their child’s temperament, underlying feelings and the meanings of their child’s behaviors.