Sleep Consultations

sleeping2Helping your child sleep through the night is one of the most common challenges for parents. At UWS Parenting Support, the Side-by-Side Model, unlike other sleep consultations, allows two parenting and child development specialists to work with families.  While one clinician meets with the parents, the other plays with the child in the same room in order to offer an individualized and specialized sleep plan.  The pace of the intervention is determined by the comfort level of the parents.

In an initial consultation with you and your baby/child we will discuss your baby’s/child’s:

  • age
  • temperament
  • feeding (bottle or breast)
  • current sleep patterns
  • ability to regulate and/or self soothe
  • sleep environment (co-sleeping, own room, crib)
  • parent’s ideas and feelings about sleep and separation. A baby’s cry can evoke many reactions in a parent and it is helpful to process this when developing a sleep plan.

sleepThe parents and consultants will work together to develop a Sleep Plan that includes:

  • bedtimes and nap times
  • bedtime routines
  • helpful and soothing sleeping environments
  • nighttime awakenings. 
  • daily morning check-ins will be scheduled to support the family and encourage success.